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Dutton Cattle Company

Terms & Conditions

The Fine Print: Deposits and Final Payment of Beef

Deposits on beef are due at the time of order, and go towards the final payment of your beef.

Final payment is due once animal has been processed, and a “Live Weight” has been established. Final payment (per live weight, less deposit paid) is due immediately in the form of cash, credit or digitally. No checks for final payment.

Deposits, including partial deposit payments, are only refundable if Seller fails to provide livestock as ordered. Deposits, including partial deposit payments, will not be refunded if Buyer cancels Agreement without concurrence of Seller, if Buyer fails to make final payment as agreed to above, if payment fails to clear Seller’s bank or if Buyer fails to accept transfer of livestock by pick up date (unless agreed to in writing by DCC). This is necessary as DCC prioritizes its breeding schedule and commitments based on deposits received and will incur costs to re-market beef.

Buyer may have to wait for a later order if DCC does not have enough appropriate livestock for this order; this situation does not automatically require a refund of deposit.

Failure to make final payment results in forfeit of your order and deposit.

Payment must be made in U.S. Dollars.

Further Agreements:

  • Seller agrees that livestock provided for beef purchase will be of sound health at transfer.
  • Seller is not responsible for the health or welfare of livestock, including any latent (hidden) physical defects or illness after transfer to processing facility.
  • Title to the livestock will transfer to Buyer upon payment of all agreed fees and delivery to or pickup by Buyer or Buyer’s representative.
  • Both parties agree that this contract will be interpreted under the applicable laws of the State of Ohio.

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