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Steve’s New Book Emerges from his Dutton Land & Cattle Land Legacy Project

Delve into the heart of sustainable agriculture with the recently released “My Dutton Land & Cattle: A Land Legacy Story.” This compelling 58-page narrative, enriched with personal observations, reflections, and an impressive collection of 130 photographs, showcases the transformation of abandoned strip-mined land into a flourishing site of premium beef production and luxurious off-grid lodging. Authored with meticulous care and profound joy, this book not only chronicles the seasons of change at the Dutton ranch in southeastern Ohio but also embodies a centuries-long commitment to Earth stewardship by the Dutton family. From regenerative practices to community and family collaboration, this story is a testament to the enduring spirit of rural innovation and legacy.

Learn more about this inspiring journey.

St. Clairsville, Ohio
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